Buying Medications Should Not Be Difficult or Expensive

Speciality Pharmacy

Sevavida is a Speciality Online Pharmacy striving to deliver medicines to people with chronic diseases and complex health conditions such as oncology. Our goal is to facilitate access to economical medications to patients especially in places with the cost of medications is unreasonably higher for the same exact medication that is available else where. We truly believe that having access to most cost effective medications is a basic human right and we are trying our best to take a small step in assisting with the same.

Medicines Anytime, Anywhere

Sevavida has the widest range of online medicine manufactured by trusted national and international pharmaceutical companies.  Oncology medications can be hard to get at your local pharmacy most of the times due to availability and high costs. Since we specialize in Oncology medications, we make every attempt to have all the listed medications available at all times. In some instances, there may be a slight delay due to the non availability from the manufacturer. However, we will inform you within 24hrs to confirm any issues or concerns.

Save Big = Spend Less

At Sevavida you can expect a typical saving of upto 70%. As you will notice in your search for Oncology medications the MSRP is listed significantly higher, on which the online pharmacies offer a generous discount or so they claim. We go a step further. Our discount is genuine more so than generous. If we can offer a better price we will. Our goal is to make a modest margin to run our operation and more so to help the society in the most important time of need. 

We Strive To Assist

We Strive To Assist is a unique platform and one of the few  speciality pharmacy technologies in India dedicated to meet the unique needs of individuals suffering from chronic health conditions such as cancer. We make every attempt to offer a wide range of medications, including the ones that may be difficult to find and often not stocked at a local pharmacies. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals and pharmacist we are able process and fulfil orders in a timely manner


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